Call to Action – Remove children from ‘Rule of Two’

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Remove children from the rule of 2
I am writing to you in your ministerial capacity. The devastating decision to close schools to our children damages their mental and physical health as well as their educational outcomes. Social interaction is vital to children’s development at all ages from early years through to adolescence. Isolation and loneliness for children risks poorer long-term outcomes. This new period of enforced isolation is seemingly open-ended and comes on top of almost a year of loneliness and disruption for children.
The Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield recently stated on BBC Breakfast that children should be able to have as much contact with their friends as possible during the lockdown.
I am writing to implore you to advocate for removing children under 16 from the rule of 2.
Adults can exercise outside with one other person. In reality, this rule means that many children, particularly younger ones, may not have contact with another child for months.
This is unnecessarily cruel – particularly since all the declarations about schools being last to close and first to open are demonstrably hollow. To name a few- Amazon warehouses, garden centres and airports are open, but schools are not.
Please urgently use your influence in parliament to have this rule reviewed and remove all children from the rule of 2 allowing them to mix in small groups outside. Nonetheless, schools must be reopened as a matter of urgency.