Ongoing Call to Action – request to meet your MP

We need as many of you as possible to get surgery appointments lined up with your MPs in the New Year to ask them about the exit strategy.

Please send a modified version of the template letter below asking for a surgery appointment in the new year. We will be producing packs that you can take into these meetings, but first step – get the meeting. Please make this template as personal as you possibly can, and let us know (via Facebook or hello@usforthem.co.uk) as the meetings are confirmed.

To MP:

I am writing as a concerned parent, constituent and member of campaign group UsforThem. Patrick Vallance’s statement earlier this week that masks might need to continue beyond roll-out of the vaccine sent a shiver down my spine. I understand the need for compassion and I understand that some adults are vulnerable, but children are also vulnerable. The vast majority of the measures that the Government has put in place to combat Covid are harmful to children, and they are harmful to all children, not just a small percentage of them. The impact of what we are doing to our children is staggering – staggering because it is not only huge, but incalculable. It will endure for a lifetime and unlike certain economic harms it cannot be corrected by one of Rishi Sunak’s blank cheques. While I appreciate that schools are open, we need to urgently see a path back towards normality that restores children’s full school experience and their childhoods.

[Include a section here about your own child’s experience during lockdown and current school measures].

The damage that the anti-Covid measures and the narrative of fear propagated by Government on children is incalculable. To let it continue further would be unforgivable.It is deeply concerning that we still have no clear path forward to restore normality in schools, children are still be excluded from school in their thousands, and many children are suffering the mental health consequences of the measures in place. I would appreciate the opportunity of a meeting or call with you in the new year to discuss the impact on my children of these ongoing measures to enlist your support in holding the government to account to ensure that children are prioritised in formulating the exit strategy.