Update from the team

Dear Supporters,

We’ll start with the good news. The fact that schools are, so far, to stay open during this new lockdown is a significant victory for the campaign and something of which all who’ve been fighting so hard for our kids can feel immensely proud.

And now, sadly, the bad…

The news of the second lockdown this weekend is devastating, and with NEU intent on closing schools, we fear it may be about to get worse. Even though schools are open, there are huge numbers of pupils now off school each week – roughly half a million last week – only a tiny fraction of whom actually have Covid. The DfE publish stats on this. They are here, and they are shocking.
We need your help more than ever. For the next few days please can every single one of you be the voice advocating against the Unions calls for schools to close. We know the damage school closures cause to children, especially those most disadvantaged in society. We simply cannot let it happen again.As you would expect we have been writing to all the key players urging resistance to these pressures.

Further Calls to Action (CTAs) on this will follow throughout this week – please check Facebook or sign up to the mailing list here. If you haven’t already taken part in the most recent CTA – there’s still time to do it tonight.
For those of you who are health professionals and scientists, please consider signing our open letter to the Prime Minister outlining concerns about the impact of the lockdowns and restrictive measures on our children. Please share widely with your contacts.
More generally it has become clear over the last few weeks that we must expand our remit to beyond just ‘schools’, and that we must start to use other tactics alongside our existing CTAs. Childhood itself is threatened by lockdown and parents must rise up.
We will be launching campaigns across areas some of those with the ‘Recovery’ group (website here) who we are working closely with.

We will also be launching campaigns that look a little different, a sneak preview of our first one below – this is the NEU Building, tonight, in Wandsworth. We will be posting this on social media and please SHARE SHARE SHARE.

In other news, two new campaigns we can disclose are:#KeepSchoolsOpen and #ParentArmy. 
The first speaks for itself and is needed to counter the National Education Union (NEU) petition. The second will be a way of creating a volunteer army of parents to step in should schools close. If you have skills and even a little time to offer, please sign up.

On Wednesday we’ll have an ad van on loop around the Houses of Parliament and Trafalgar Square from 10am-6pm. A few of us will be milling around and taking photos and will be sure to share on social media.

We are aware of a growing number of schools requiring masks in classrooms, and a number of you have said you’d like us to challenge this. We would love the Group to be able to help take this on, either against individual schools or a Judicial Review at government level. However we have serious band-with issues and for this to happen we will need to assemble a working group of a few parents who are willing to actively help. If you have the will and time to get involved please email, subject title “Masks Working Group”.The crisis affecting our children is unprecedented.

Please take part in everything you can, and please continue to share and tag us across social media.
Twitter: @UsForThemUK
Facebook national groups:
UsforThem England
UsforThem Scotland
Use the following hashtags:#usforthem #KeepSchoolsOpen #LetUsLearn #ParentArmyIf there was ever a week to fight for your children: this is it.

From the team at ‘UsforThem’.