URGENT Call to Action

Dear Supporters,

In light of the announcement about another lockdown, we need your help with an urgent Call to Action – please contact your MP today!

Please send the following email to your MP, Cabinet members and the Labour leader. Email addresses below.
Please also leave a VOICEMAIL on your MP’s constituency and parliamentary voicemail. Suggested script for voicemail at the bottom if you need it.
MP contact details can be found here: https://www.parliament.uk/…/contact-an…/contact-your-mp/

Send the following email to your MP AND to:
public.enquiries@hmtreasury.gov.uk publiccorrespondence@cabinetoffice.gov.uk

“Dear …I am writing as a member of parent campaign group UsforThem. I am finding it difficult to contain my anger learning that the UK is set to enter another national lockdown. I vehemently oppose further restrictions. The definition of insanity is taking the same course of action and expecting a different outcome. If we are truly in a second wave that is more dangerous than the first, then the original lockdown did not work.As a parent, I am terrified about the future we are leaving to our children. Our country is in grave danger- not from the virus but from the threat to our democracy, free society, and future economic stability.

As a public servant, you must hold the government to account on behalf of the people you represent. Please do so – supporting or even cheerleading further restrictions that destroy livelihoods and our children’s futures is not in the public’s best interest no matter what the government believes opinion polls are saying right now.In the Telegraph John Lee recently described the government’s strategy as ‘mad’. He is right. We are basing our response on poor quality data, excessive risk aversion, and fatally flawed testing. None of this is being discussed openly, and the government and the media are actively suppressing open debate.

Perhaps worst of all, the goalposts are constantly shifting. “Three weeks to flatten the curve” has turned into repeated lockdowns until a vaccine or beyond, given that a vaccine is not a magic bullet. This non-strategy is entirely unsustainable.I also fail to understand why we are once again locking down when even the WHO has said that lockdowns are not recommended, and only make poor people poorer. There is no evidence that a lockdown will work. However, we can say with certainty that it will:
1. Put millions of more people out of work and condemn more families and children to poverty.
2. Bankrupt businesses.
3. Destroy the mental health of people of all ages including our children, increasing suicidesImpoverish a generation of children and young people who will face no prospect of a career or employment.
4. Deprive children of social interaction and family support.
5. Doom cancer patients to poorer prognoses.
6. Sentence the elderly to more loneliness and isolation that will impact on their quality of life.

Please do whatever you can to oppose this catastrophic course of action for the sake of our children and their futures. If there is a debate and a vote on new national measures, I urge you to vote against a lockdown and demand a full, open debate about the options going forward.Kind regards…”

send email then call and leave a voicemail: “My name is…….and I am one of your constituents. I am calling to follow up on my email sent today. I urge you as my MP to urgently oppose a national lockdown in the strongest possible terms. I look forward to your response by email or please call me on XXXX.”