UsForThem campaigns on issues of national and international significance, to shape the future we bequeath to our children.

We believe that freedom, accountability and transparent democracy are integral to making that a positive future.

Freedom, accountability and transparent democracy are not givens, and at present each of them is threatened: by poor quality government and governance, by censorship, by oversized corporate influence, and by a corruption of the role of our public institutions.

A culture of risk-aversity and safetyism is eroding personal liberty and individual autonomy, knee-jerk politics is threatening freedom of speech and thought, and ethical decision-making has been repeatedly subrogated by corporate interests. Accolades have replaced accountability.

Children, whose welfare and interests should be protected ahead even of our own, have too often become an afterthought, and we risk bequeathing them a world which is materially less free, accountable and democratic than the world we inherited.

Our Organisation
UsForThem is an independent, non-profit, non-affiliated group focussed on high impact campaigning and strategic legal activity. We have successfully impacted policies and moved public debate on issues spanning children’s welfare and futures, freedom of speech, and pandemic response policies.

Our objective is to restore accountability, ethics, transparency and good governance to democracy. Only then will we have government and policy-making that we can feel proud to leave to our children.
UsForThem started as a single issue campaigning group to press for the reopening of schools in May 2020. That single issue became a multi-issue campaign to protect and prioritise the interests of children in pandemic decision-making. As the pandemic progressed we became ever more concerned about the deep deficits of accountability, transparency and ethics in our political system and our public institutions. Our core campaigning aspires to address these issues. Alongside this, we are often asked to comment on current affairs involving politics, children’s welfare, censorship, ethics, freedom and personal autonomy.
Our core team

We operate as a small core team drawing on the support of a network of professionals and other expert advisers, many of whom are leaders in their fields including law, medicine, biotech/pharma, data science, ethics, governance, journalism and academia.
Molly Kingsley
Arabella Skinner
Marta Kotlarek
Ben Kingsley
Jane Rowland
Jenny Lovatt
Kieran Saxon
Leila Bybordi

For press enquiries please message us at hello@usforthem.co.uk