us for them It is only when the parent voice is heard
will we ensure that children’s interests are put first.
About UsForThem
keep schools open
What We Do

Campaigning for children to be put first

We are a lobby group of tens of thousands members across all four nations (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland) of the UK. We use our collective voice to:
Campaign on matters impacting children’s welfare.
Fight policy decisions which are detrimental to children.
Work with key stakeholders in and outside Government.

We believe that children’s interests should be put first in any decision impacting them.  To hear more about our specific campaigns, please scroll down.

Let children be heard

Our campaigns

Details our active campaigns and how you can get involved:

Keep Schools Open

Keep Schools Open

Remote learning from home is no substitute for classroom teaching even if all children could access it.
Not OK

Not OK

Social distancing in schools compounds and extends the harm from the negative impact of closures.
Parent Army

Parent Army

Parents want the best for their children – training and preparation for the future, and fun and adventure.
Save Kids Sport

Save Kids Sport

Sports are a critical part of the development and social education of all children, and cannot simply be jettisoned.
Early Years England

Early Years England

Social development relies on children observing (and eventually modelling) behaviour they see in the world around them.
Early Years Scotland

Early Years Scotland

Huge numbers of families with children under 5 years of age continue to struggle on and are being let down by the Scottish Government.
UsforThem Uni

UsforThem Uni

Promised and paying for a normal university education and experience, many are receiving something that looks very different.

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Calls To Action
Use our collective voice to make change.
Become a Supporter
Help us to continue our vital work.
Get actively involved
Work with us for a better future for children across the UK.
We need funds to raise awareness and help parents.

What We Believe

Are our society’s most valuable asset. It is now time to put our children’s interests as a primary consideration in debates about the relative risks and harms of Covid and lockdown.
Our call
We call for the Government to rewrite the schools' guidance, this time in consultation with those who have children’s welfare most at heart - people like us!
Schools need to open with sensible hygiene measures in place but otherwise normally.
Social distancing & mandatory face masks in schools are harmful to children’s development.

Children need to be able to play normally with their friends. Children need to learn in person – not behind a screen. Children need to live their lives with a background of joy – not fear of a virus which is of no risk to them. Our children need their childhoods back.


“Children are our future. A society that learns to put them first will be brighter, better and fairer. We, as parents, must find our collective voice to make this happen."

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