Smartphones and Children

Smartphones and children

A growing body of evidence suggests that smartphones have become not just distracting but increasingly addictive, corrosive of mental health and pose potentially serious dangers for children.

There is strong evidence that smartphone use is associated with negative psychiatric, cognitive, emotional, developmental and neurological impacts in children and teenagers, and has been linked to a range of debilitating conditions from depression and diabetes, to sleep disorders and Tourettes.

Widespread use of smartphones among children and teens has been normalised, and is increasing. A 2022 Ofcom report shows that 91% of UK children aged 11 own a phone, almost all of which were smartphones. On average, those children spend three hours and 20 minutes of each day on their devices. Additionally, 47% of parents asked in a separate survey believe their child has a smartphone addiction.

"1 in 4 children use their Smartphones in a way consistent with behavioural addiction."
Research Study Kings College

The Evidence Against Smartphones


Evidence is mounting as to the damage smartphones are causing many young people and studies are increasingly showing that they are having a detrimental impact on children's mental health, physical health, educational attainment as well as exposing them to inappropriate content featuring violence and extreme pornography.

% of teens reporting loneliness at school



% of 12 year olds reporting seeing pornography online


With such hampered ability for parents to protect their children from devices and content that can cause serious mental and physical harm, we believe as a society we can and must demand better for our children.