WHO Pandemic Treaty and IHR Amendments




SUBJECT: WHO Pandemic Treaty and IHR Amendments


Dear Mr Mitchell, Dear Anne-Marie Trevelyan,

WHO Pandemic Treaty and IHR Amendments

I did not vote for the WHO or any of its officials, and the WHO could never be held to account for its decisions by the UK’s Parliament. The WHO has no democratic mandate and therefore should never acquire powers to make policy decisions that impact our lives.

For that reason alone the government must not cede to the WHO any aspect of the UK’s ability to make its own rules, determine its own policies or control its own budgets. International co-ordination and cooperation in any future pandemic scenario may benefit us all, but the WHO must never acquire powers to control or dictate.

Please instruct your negotiating team to reject fully the WHO’s power-grab in the negotiations for a new Pandemic Treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations, and commit to giving MPs a vote on the draft treaty and amended regulations before they are finalised.

Yours sincerely

[Parliamentary constituency]