WHO Pandemic Treaty

World Health Organization IHRs and Pandemic Treaty

We are campaigning against the overreach and misguided ambitions of the World Health Organization, including the potential for public health recommendations issued by unelected WHO officials to trespass into national rule-making and public spending autonomy.

Our campaign, which commenced in May 2023 and has received extensive coverage, has focussed on proposals to amend the International Health Regulations 2005.  In May 2023 we published an authoritative briefing on proposals which had been published earlier that year for amending and updating the IHRs.

A copy of that original briefing paper is available on request to hello@usforthem.co.uk

In April 2024, the WHO’s IHR Working Group published an interim draft showing the current state of negotiations as of 17 April 2024.

Our briefing paper on that new draft is available here.