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It feels as if politicians have given up on sorting out the ludicrous situation with self-isolation because we are approaching the end of term. If your child is or has been isolating, feel free to copy and paste elsewhere and as always copy your MP if so inclined. If they aren’t you just need to tweak and say you are concerned about the prospect of it happening.


TO: publiccorrespondence@cabinetoffice.gov.uk

Subject line: Advice on self-isolation rules for my child

Good morning/afternoon/evening,

My child is self-isolating currently along with a staggering 624,000 children currently out of school as a result of being in close contact with a positive case. This is a 32% increase versus last week. As a concerned parent, I am very keen for my children to complete the end of their term after months of disruption, social isolation, educational damage and impact on their wellbeing. I feel this is an urgent matter and not something that can be addressed at Ministers’ leisure.

I have heard on the grapevine that there was a special pilot that helped Mr Gove to avoid 10 days of self-isolation recently. As a known champion of the importance of school attendance, could he possibly share his tips for avoiding this damaging intervention? Perhaps he could provide details of the pilot scheme he participated in?

I’m sure my child and the hundreds of thousands of other children currently out of school would appreciate his insights.

Kind regards,