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Dear [name of MP]
I am appalled at the news that, despite the JCVI’s advice that “that there are insufficient grounds to offer mass vaccination” for otherwise healthy 12- to 15-year-old children, the government are choosing to roll out the vaccination programme to this age cohort. It is an unprecedented step for the JCVI’s advice to be sidestepped and leaves many parents deeply uneasy that this was a purely political decision – which would be deeply unethical.
There is also doubt that the stated marginal benefits have been accurately presented. According to the Government’s own modelling, vaccinating 60 per cent of 12 to 15-year-olds would prevent the loss of about 110,000 days of school in the six months between October and March 2022. When you take account of the number of pupils, this works out to 41 days per thousand pupils or, put another way, just 15 minutes per child over the full six months modelled. This modelling has already been criticised with a number of commentators and experts – see e.g. David Paton, Professor of Industrial Economics, Nottingham University Business School, suggesting that the actual disruption saved could be negative – i.e. more disruption – once you factor in prior infection and the time spent on the vaccination programme itself.
Importantly the JCVI also noted“considerable uncertainty regarding the magnitude of the potential harms”. In particular, the uncertainty over potential long term heart changes has been raised by Professor Adam Finn of the JCVI in a number of TV interviews.
Further as pointed out by Christopher Chope MP in a Parliamentary Debate on 10th September 2021, the Yellow Card reporting system is showing a deeply worrying list of adverse reactions –
“Essentially, what the yellow card scheme shows—from the most recent report, which came out on 9 September and covers the period from 9 December to 1 September – is that there have been 435 reports of major blood clots and low platelet counts, including 74 deaths. It shows that there have been 767 cases of inflammation of the heart, a condition that is almost unheard of in medicine on a normal day-to-day basis. It shows that there have been some 35,000 reports of menstrual disorder, and there are all sorts of other effects set out in the comprehensive report. Very worryingly, it says that there are 1,632 reports of deaths having taken place shortly after vaccination.”
It is also difficult to see how given the current proposals this programme can fulfil the requirements for truly informed and voluntary consent, free from peer pressure, while taking place on school premises.
While I appreciate there are strongly held views on all sides our children have already carried a greater burden than they ever should have been asked to bear over the last 18 months and we owe it to them to get this right by ensuring parliamentary scrutiny.

Over the last week questions have been raised in the press and Parliament and on Tuesday 21st September, 9:30AM, Westminster Hall, there is an urgent debate to discuss the issues surrounding the extension of the vaccination programme to children.

Please, will you attend this debate and raise the uncomfortable but necessary questions?

Best wishes,
[Name AND Address]
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