Review of Covid-19 Vaccination Programme for Children

On Monday 24th October there was a Parliamentary Debate in the House of Commons within which Danny Kruger MP secured an important commitment from Dr Caroline Johnson MP that JCVI will review the position with regards to the Covid-19 vaccination of children.

We want to keep the pressure on DHSC in this respect and are looking to secure a timeframe from Ministers within which a full review will be held.

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Subject: Review of Covid-19 Vaccination Programme for Children

Dear Dr Johnson
I was interested to listen to the debate on Covid-19 Vaccines in the House of Commons on Monday 24th October, in particular with regards to the question surrounding any continuing need for a Covid-19 vaccination programme for children and young people.

The points raised by Danny Kruger MP and Andrew Bridgen MP were particularly pertinent and I was heartened to hear your own comments regarding the importance of ensuring that any vaccine given to children must be of benefit to the child themselves.

As you stated, since the vaccine was approved for 12-15 year olds by the UK’s four Chief Medical Officers ‘things have changed, natural immunity is more widespread and school disruption is no longer an issue.‘ Given this point along with the rare but serious risk of adverse events and the pressing need for an updated cost benefit analysis due to the extreme financial pressure the NHS is currently under, I believe an expedited review is required by DHSC as to if, indeed, the UK should continue to vaccinate children against Covid-19 at all.

You stated in your response that the JCVI will review the childhood vaccination programme at their next meeting. However, given the weight of this debate and the nature of what is at stake, particularly for children, can I ask for a firm timeframe within which the DHSC will make their own review. I am sure you will agree that for any childhood vaccination programme where the picture has changed over time, full and updated information on the risks and benefits to children should be reviewed, and the public kept informed to ensure parental trust is maintained.

Yours sincerely