#UsYears Scotland

We are parents, carers and concerned members of society who call upon Local Councils and the Scottish Government to stand up for young children and their families.

We ask the Scottish Government to:

Reinstate full Early Years Childcare provision in line with the needs of our children and their families.
Re-commit to providing 1140 funded hours across all Scottish Councils and in all settings immediately. Set clear deadlines to replace that of August 2020 for the minority of construction projects where this is not possible.
Reinstate and honour commitment to 1140 hours to all Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) settings meeting quality criteria through sustainable and flexible funding options.
Provide evidence demonstrating how the risks and benefits have been weighed up to reach any decision which limits Early Years childcare provision.
Demonstrate how proposals focus on the best interest of children as primary consideration in line with Article 3 of The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Sign the Petition to Reinstate Early Learning and Childcare in Scotland

Despite ELC settings gradually reopening their doors since 15th July, this has happened inconsistently across areas of Scotland and childcare settings, in many cases with very reduced hours and inflexible patterns and with a unlimited time delay in 1140 funded hours provision. The huge differences and inequalities across Local Councils and childcare settings are unacceptable, widening the attainment and wellbeing gap.

Children and families continue to struggle on months into the pandemic. We must not leave them behind.

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