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Through the Covid-19 pandemic the one voice that matters the most has been silenced. Our children have been hit the hardest by lockdown measures and mitigations that have impacted every aspect of their lives.

What we believe

We believe children should not be treated as passive victims, but should have their views taken into account by adults who are making decisions that affect them.
Policy making
Children and young people should be given the opportunity to become active partners in the process of policy making that affects their immediate lives and has an ongoing impact on their future prospects.
Face coverings in secondary schools
Correspondence with Welsh Government (January/February 2022)

Face masks should have never been introduced in Wales in the first place. Especially when based on scant evidence such as published recently by the Department for Education.

Face coverings in secondary schools
Correspondence with Welsh Government (Summer Term 2021)

The mask mandates are especially cruel to children. Yet ⁦the Welsh Government persist in ignoring the lasting damage that their irrational fears are doing to the most vulnerable members of society.

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From Them For Them

Open Letter From Children

On behalf of all children in Wales, our youngest and bravest wrote a letter to the First Minister of Wales and Minister for Education to express their concerns regarding prolonged schools closures.

It is time to Bring Back Their Lives Again!

Together, we can make a difference

Get involved as we work together for a better future for children across Wales.
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“In all actions concerning children...the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration.”

Article 3, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Letters from Sally Holland, Children's Commissioner for Wales

The pandemic response necessitates certain trade-offs. However, children are being disproportionately harmed by the Welsh Government interventions.

The Children’s Commissioner did not see any scientific data to substantiate the closing of schools early in December or adherence or due regard to children’s rights when doing so.