Through the Covid-19 pandemic the one voice that matters the most has been silenced. Our children have been hit the hardest by lockdown measures and mitigations that have impacted every aspect of their lives.

What we believe

We believe children should not be treated as passive victims, but should have their views taken into account by adults who are making decisions that affect them.
Policy making
Children and young people should be given the opportunity to become active partners in the process of policy making that affects their immediate lives and has an ongoing impact on their future prospects.
Public enquiry

Call to Action

We are now calling for a public inquiry into the Welsh Government and Welsh local councils’ treatment of children’s rights during the pandemic.
The wrongs of 2020 must NEVER be inflicted on any children ever again.
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Together, we can make a difference

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“In all actions concerning children...the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration.”

Article 3, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child