Have Covid-19 Measures Had An Impact On Your Child?

One of the best ways for us to raise awareness is through your stories – in your words. Sharing your story helps UsForThem raise awareness and campaign for changes for children.

Parent (South Kent), son (12 years old)
“My son was excluded from school today until Tuesday for not complying to wear a mask in lessons. My son is exempt and has an EHCP. Their policy is no exceptions, regardless of disability. How is this right?”
Parent (County Durham)
“There is no singing allowed at my daughter’s primary school. My daughter (9) told me she and her friends were naughty the other day because they sang in the playground. They use sign language to music in their music lessons and there is no choir anymore. My daughter told me they are not allowed to sing in case they pass on the virus to each other.”
Parent (Stevenage, Hertfordshire), son (year 7)
“My son received a 30 minute detention yesterday for breaching Covid guidance. The crime - he and his friend tapped each other on the shoulder! He cried immediately as he was scared about the detention and he was made to feel like he had done something really bad. Apparently you are allowed zero contact; bearing in mind these are yr 7 children who are already encountering such huge changes, remembering numerous rules etc. It was during break time not even lesson time and the other child is in his form and he sits next to my son in lessons! I sent a strongly worded email asking what exactly are you teaching these children? We are going to have a generation of children with mental health issues thinking that contact is forbidden. ”
Parent (Earl Shilton, Leicestershire), daughter (Year 7) and son (Year 10)
“They are in one classroom all day, apart from a 20 minutes break and a 10 minutes break. They aren't allowed to go to the toilet during class and they're discouraged from even going at break times. Children are reporting being told to drink less water so that they need the toilet less. I am raging at this gross violation of human rights. ”
Parent (Harpenden, Herts). 3 children aged 6,8 and 10.
“My daughter has been crying because she’s so cold in the classroom as they are keeping windows open in the classroom all day. ”
Parent (Bushey, Hertfordshire), child in year 5
"Since returning to school in September my child, in year 5, has been made to sit on a white line on the cold concrete playground to eat lunch."
Parent (Lincolnshire), son 10 years old
"My son takes packed lunches, on Friday and I forgot to pop a fork in his lunch box. He asked one of the lunchtime supervisors if she could lend him one from the hot dinner dining room and he was told no 'because of covid.". So my ten year old boy went all day with just a yogurt and a piece of fruit to eat but apparently that's better than getting an item of cutlery from one room and letting him use it in another room. It seems to me that a growing number of school staff are neglecting their duties of care and using covid as an excuse for everything!"
Parent (Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands), son 5 years old
"My little boy is 5 years old, so a little too young for GenZ. But tonight he said this prayer before bedtime …. Dear God, This is the second time I'm saying this prayer. Can you please make the bug go away? Can you please make it go away before the December holidays and then make sure that it never ever ever comes back again. And then you can have a rest after all that hard work. Amen. "
By raising awareness of disproportionate measures introduced in schools you can help UsForThem raise awareness and reach more people facing the same problems.
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